About Vinyl Plus
VinylPlus is the renewed ten-year Voluntary Commitment of the European PVC industry. The programme establishes a long-term framework for the sustainable development of the industry by tackling a number of critical challenges, in the EU-28, Norway and Switzerland.

Building on the progress made by its predecessor Vinyl 2010, the overall aim of VinylPlus is to help the industry realise the following vision:
PVC is a preferred material in terms of quality, value and environmental safety. It helps others to reach their sustainability goals and is seen as a safe material providing convenience, comfort and high social value as well as having good sustainability credentials. This has been achieved by leadership and commitment from the industry, itself working with others in an open and honest way.”

VinylPlus is committed to the following working principles:

Each of the five key challenges is based on The Natural Step System Conditions for a Sustainable Society.

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