Special solutions


  • Trap for AC Units or heating punmps
  • Air admittance valve for syphons
  • Sanitary non-return valves
  • Special connections

Dry condensate trap

Traptraps were conceived to eliminate bad smells produced in the condensate discharge hose, one of the major roblems tied with recessed housings for air-conditioning units. Many traps are fitted and embedded into the wall without any possibility for the user to inspect them at a later stage

Air-admittance valve for syphons

are suitable for most residential applications. They can be especially beneficial in retrofit applications where venting may be difficult. They are good for large new homes where long vent runs can be eliminated, and for kitchen island sinks
How does an AAV work?
A one-way valve that allows air into a plumbing system when there is water flow to allow drainage. Because the valve closes from internal air pressure, it seals under no-flow conditions. The valve will not open if there is positive internal pressure in the drainage system.

Sanitary non-return valves