Soundproof piping system Phonoline®


Sound performance certified 12 dB at 2/ls flow rate

REDI Phonoline has been certified by the French CSTB and the German Fraunhofer Institute according to EN14366, only European standard for soundproof systems.
Widest European Soundproof system: 8 diameters available.
More flexibility for designers, contractors and installors.
Standard metric-sized range: unlike most existing systems, REDI Phonoline is 100% standard metric size and does not require adaptors for the connection to the horizontal waste network or sewer network.

  • Fire reaction class B s2 d0
  • Thermal linear expansion: only 0,04 mm/m x °C
    (most existing systems have a double expansion or even more)
  • Density: 1,75 g/cm3
  • Coulor White Ral 9002

Push-fit system with elastomeric lip-rings certified EN 681 and Din 4060.