PVC inspection chambers

Inspection chambers for access, rodding and change of direction

In modern drainage systems, it is necessary to satisfy needs regarding waste water disposal and, at the same time, comply with environmental requirements.

It must therefore have the followins features:

  • Watertightness of the system to the environment and from the environment to the system;
  • Permit checks in particular points, at inlets, and washing machines;
  • Prevent the passage of smells in the environment and in the houses;
  • Limit the possibility of water reflux towards end users.

These needs can be satisfied only using watertight systems and introducing along the line manholes, syphons and valves.

Nature of PVC inspection chambers

Manholes, (usually built from concrete or masonry) perform a fundamental function for the whole sewage system.
They often represent the weak link in the chain, because they do not always have the above mentioned requirements.

REDI, in order to make the work of builders easy and to reduce the likelihood of pollution, has developed a range of specific products to solve the various problems.

A technologically advanced solution for the building of manholes consists in the construction of PVC monolithic structures built in-house, with the following advantages:

Lightweight: that means laying speed and easier transport.

Watertightness: all joints are assembled by moulding which respects the tolerances of the standards detailed for the fittings. Lip O-rings too, chosen to complete the joint, conform to the strictest European Standards.

Hydraulic capacity: the bottom of the manhole does not present jumps or flow drops, because it keeps the same passage section than the one of used pipes.

Maintenance: necessary periodical manhole cleaning is reduced, due to the lack of deposits at the bottom of the manhole.

Installation: chambers can be installed at any depth, because the connection with the roadway is obtained using a telescopic system, formed by two pipes joined by a gasket, fitted in its upper part with a lid made of concrete or cast iron according to the calculated  loading requirements.

In the following the main traditional and PVC rigid manholes are reported.

In- line concrete inspection and rodding chamber.

  • In-line PVC moulded chamber for inspection and rodding.
  • Concrete manhole with branch entry.
  • PVC inspection chamber with upper entry.
  • Open concrete manhole with internal backdrop.
  • Concrete manhole with sewer trap.
  • Concrete manhole with non return valve.
  • Concrete manhole with internal backdrop.
  • Concrete manhole with non return valve.