…smart GULLY

…smart GULLY it has never been so easy to install in-house drainage networks!

  •  Time saver
  • Cost-effective and intuitive installation
  • No specialized training required
  • Designed both for metric and imperial size pipes
  • Possibility to adjust height in respect to the floor
  • Greater flexibility while installing the sanitary fixtures
  • Significant savings of materials, pipes and fixation system
  • Simpler suspended drainage system, easier access above the ceiling
  • Reduction of fire propagation through the penetration sleeves
  • Less slab penetration, sleeves higher structural strenght

Actual standard solution:
Today the waste system is 100% suspended and the pipes are fixed to the concrete slab by clamps.

The main disadvantages of this system are:

• Complicated piping layout, intersection with other systems (AC/fire protection)
• Several slab penetration sleeves up to 4 per bathroom
• Additional work, additional costs
• Additional risk of leakage above the ceiling
• A lot of hooking points
• Additional qualified workforce required