Rebuilding a sewage section in Carpi (MO- Italy)

Rebuilding a sewage section in Carpi (MO- Italy)

Location: Carpi (MO)

Commitment: AIMAG Service (Multiutility)

Reconstruction of the sewer line in Carpi, the old concrete-sewer pipe positioned along the sidewalk, was replaced by a new PVC sewage pipe in the middle of the road.

All sewage and raincoats are restored to the new piping with Easyclip LINK 200 and Easyclip LINK 160.

Materials: The old cement pipe line is replaced with a new SN4 Ø500 PVC pipe, the fittings used for the connection are Sleeper REDI SN4, Easyclip LINK 160 and LINK 200 fittings.


The Easyclip fittings guarantee hydraulic and mechanical seal, and reducing the risk of leakage contributes to the protection of aquifers from pollution.
REDI provides assistance during design and installation.

Benefits for the installer:
Easyclip fittings provide a work of art, reducing installation time.
Easy to find material, company assistance during installation.