New headquarter of Raiffeisen bank (Moscow)
The whole area – about 25.000 square meters – is occupied by offices, meeting rooms, bathrooms, a
gymnasium, technical shafts and the internal canteen (800 seating).

System: Phonoline acoustic system
Description: Acoustic piping system made of U-PVC for soil and waste water
• Certified sound performance 12 dB at 2 l/s flow rate (UNI EN 14366)
• Fire resistance: Euroclass B s2, d0 and Russian Certificate G1
• Push-fit system
• High chemical resistance
Range: Pipes and fittings Ø50, Ø100, Ø110 and Ø160

LThe new headquarter of Raiffeisen bank won the Best Office Award 2015 for comfort and acoustic
The excellent performances of soundproofing and fire resistance (Euroclass B s2, d0 and Russian
Certificate G1) were acknowledged with the Best Office Award 2015.
Euroclass B-s2 d0 e Russian Certifate G1

Phonoline offers a complete range of fittings gaining the highest performances required by the European
and Russian standards.
Redi S.p.A. constantly supports the design activities giving assistance to the planners and specifiers.