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PHONOLINE soundproof piping system

Soundproof and fire resistance Class B s2 d0 pipes and fittings system for S & W sanitary systems inside buildings; it can be located in a specific technical space (shaft) fixed with noise-insulating supports or directly embedded in the wall.
– System made from thermoplastic mineral reinforced material. Sound performance certified by German Fraunhofer Institute according to EN14366 (12 dB at 2/ls flow rate, using special noise-insulating support Bismat® 1000) and by CSTB Institute of Grénoble, according to EN 14366 requirements (max noise of 21,7 dB at 2l/s flow rate, using standard noiseinsulating supports).

  • Push-fit system with elastomeric lip-rings certified EN681 and Din 4060.
  • Pipes and fittings branded “Phonoline by REDI
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