Algopipe 4.0 Free Download

Complete planning of sanitary and sewage systems

REDI is introducing the new Algopipe 4.0 Software: a multitasking operating system for calculating the dimensions of the mechanical systems. This software is addressed to the professional people who are usually involved in the project of sanitary and sewage systems. Algopipe has been conceived for the professional who is requested to find quick technical and economic solutions for preliminary and definitive estimates; for the companies having problems in creating estimates and calculations; for the installer willing to give a better service to his customers and wanting to be sure to choose the right product.

Algopipe 4.0 combines in a unique consolle 5 specific tools for the calculation of:

  • Sanitary systems,
  • UFH (under floor heating)
  • Integration of hot water production with solar panels
  • Soil and waste networks and drainage systems
  • Soil drainage Technical support for installation