Multilayer System for domestic hot and cold water supply and for air conditioning and heating systems

Fluxo® a smart system designed to save your time

Perfect connections in record time: 3 times faster compared to traditional systems

Creating a system using traditional materials and welding techniques requires some time. As professional installer, you know exactly what we are talking about.

Thanks to the Fluxo® multilayer system, your systems will be installed three times faster, regardless of the type of application and working procedures. 

Modern and simple, this system combines the benefits of hi-tech multilayer pipes with specifically-developed brass fittings. With a few operations:  cutting the pipe, chamfering, inserting the fitting and pressing, and the connection is finished with the utmost ease and at top speed! With each connection you do, you will save precious minutes. But these minutes will turn into hours if you consider all the sites you work in. In a nutshell, this is the aim of the Fluxo® system: making your job easy and more profitable.


Improve productivity on the job

Reduce installation costs

Avoid delays in delivery times